For whom shall I vote?

Tom Minnery wrote an article in the Sept 2008 issue of Focus on the Family’s monthly magazine entitled “How Do I Choose?” in which he lays out six issues to consider before voting in the November elections including:

Separate principles from policies.

Does the candidate have a Christian world-view?

Political parties matter.

Isn’t the lesser of two evils still evil?

What if all choices are bad?

What if I don’t know the candidates?

 What is not present in Mr. Minnery’s article is any mention about having “peace” or otherwise praying to God for guidance with regard to a particular candidate. My NIV Topical Bible references Ecc 1:13, 17 & 7:25 with regard to acquiring wisdom through research and education. To that end, we have important decisions to make in November regarding our elected officials and it’s up to us to chose wisely.


“Cut to the Chase” as to Decision Making and the Will of God

“From the Experts”, pg 34 in the April, 2008 Focus on the Family magazine, a young woman is trying to work through a decision-making process regarding either law school or medical school and how that would be compatible with being a wife and mother, and staying home with the children. 

Dr. Dobson defines the three competing choices before this woman:

  • Have a career
  • Be a wife and mother
  • Have a career and be a wife and mother

Since she does not yet have plans to marry, Dr. Dobson recommends that she press ahead with her academic goals and that once her training is complete, she will still have all of the above options available to her.  Dr. Dobson continues that she could put her career on hold should she marry and want to become a full-time mother. 

That sounds like sage and pragmatic advice; try not to limit your options.  Dr. Dobson goes on to state that only she can decide what is best for her.  However, Dr. Dobson then closes with, “I would strongly suggest that you make it a matter of prayer as you seek the Lord’s will for your life.” 

Please – help me understand.  How on the one hand can you state that one can only decide for themselves what is best and on the other hand tell that person to seek the Lord’s will? 

In considering the three aspects of the will of God, the question posed by this young woman obviously is not related to the sovereign will of God.  Granted, there are inherent ramifications to each of the three choices before this woman.  However, I do not sense any conflict regarding the moral will of God.  As such, I can only conclude that Dr. Dobson believes that God does indeed have a plan as to which option she should choose.   If that is the case, then why not “cut to the chase” and advise this woman how to go about finding God’s will for her life?