Election, American Style

american-flagTwo obviously flawed candidates – a crook or a creep. Say what you will, but I sense that for many folks, the overriding issues came down to sovereignty of the nation i.e. keep people from entering the country illegally and economics i.e. the pending financial calamity of the nation’s debt which can not continue. On both of those counts, for reasons good, bad, or indifferent, this nation collectively thought that Trump is the better person. I thought Clinton would win handily. Apparently, so did the vast majority of those doing the election polling. That both the Senate and House remain in Republican control, to me, speaks louder than the presidential election. To which, it will be interesting to look back and compare 2008-2009 vs 2016-2017. Democrats controlled everything for two years with Obama’s election in 2008. This lead to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and stimulus spending. It’s my opinion that the verdict is in on those two issues and won’t bode well for Obama’s legacy. This nation has chosen – for now – and so for better or worse we’ll see and be able to compare in two years’ time. If we as a nation don’t approve, then we’ll have the opportunity to alter course.