American Pro Audio

A couple of days ago I received a postcard indicating that American Pro Audio is going out of business.  Even though the store caters more to a live-sound, church, and studio recording clientele, Lee Windsperger, Dick McCalley, and Kent Stevenson have always been gracious to me when I would wander around the store looking for a used or consigned something that a “living room” player like myself could be interested in.  I always preferred to give what little business I could to them instead of Guitar Center or the now long gone Marrs Music.  APA has been in business for twenty years and I’m sad to see them go.  Good luck and best wishes, guys.   


Hello world!

Thanks for stopping by.  I welcome the opportunity to write about and discuss a variety of topics from living in Minnesota, politics, music, faith, family and whatever else may come up.  My intent is to post on something each and every day.  But the best laid plans sometimes go awry – so, we’ll see how things work out.  Feel free to leave comments.  I welcome diverging points of view and hope to respond with a some candor, a little intelligence, and respect.