The Will of God Will Never Take You Where the Grace of God Will Not Protect You – Part 2

Per WordPress statistics, the most popular post I’ve written – by far – was, The Will of God Will Never Take You Where the Grace of God Will Not Protect You (noted below). This would seem to show a huge interest within Christian faith as to God’s will – what it is, how do we know it and what can be expected when we follow the will of God.

Nicole states one can know whether something is the will of God by way of:

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Laying on hands or laying off staff

A recent letter from our church’s Board of Elders confirms my sense that although many Christians seek God’s will regarding a decision; in reality, most Christians work through decision making the old-fashioned way – thinking about options, considering the facts before them, and then making a decision. The letter states, “After evaluating recent giving patterns to the General Fund, the Board of Elders has determined (emphasis mine) that we must take a decisive step toward “right sizing” our current staffing numbers.” The Board of Elders appears to have given this decision its due consideration regarding laying-off a staff member regarding:

Analysis – “After evaluating recent giving patterns”

Collective wisdom – “After much prayer and discussion”

Decision – “We must take a decisive step”

Reflection – “This was not an easy decision”

 Decision-making is often difficult and stressful. We often have incomplete information and may not always realize the impact decisions have on one’s self or others. Certainly, some decisions made can be better than other decisions but the more I think about it, the more I think God allows us to freely make decisions. My sense, as I read Paul’s letters, is that direct guidance from God was the exception and not the rule. Consider:

Phil 2:25 (I think it’s a good idea)

1 Cor 16:3-4 (If it seems the right thing to do)

Acts 6:1-7 (We need to do something about this)

Acts 15:24-29 (People got together, debated, decided, and acted)

To that end, I don’t believe God routinely directs the decisions we make today. In addition, it seems that so long as any decision made does not violate any of God’s moral laws, then any decision we make can bring about honor and glory to God.