Books I’ve Been Reading

It certainly has been my intention to write more often than I have.  However, sometimes life i.e. family, job, and normal everyday mundane things get in the way.  I’ve been asked – what have I been reading?  Well, the books I have been reading (or re-reading) include:

  • Discovering God’s Will For Your Life (Ray Pritchard)
  • Is God Really In Control (Jerry Bridges)
  • Is God to Blame (Greg Boyd)
  • Living Above Your Circumstances (Bob George)
  • The Purpose Driven Life (Rick Warren)
  • God’s Will, God’s Best (Josh McDowell & Kevin Johnson)
  • Decision Making and The Will of God (Garry Friesen)
  • The Mystery of God’s Will (Charles Swindoll)
  • What is the Will of God and How Do We Know it? (John Piper sermon)

I know there is a whole boatload of books and information about this topic and I don’t pretend to have even scratched the surface.  However, this is where I have started because these books were in our church’s library or someone has referred me to them.  Please post other books that you may have found relevant to this topic.