A Novel Way to Layoff Employees?

images-2I have experienced two layoffs in my working years and currently work for a company that four years ago employed ~600 people. Now, it employs around 450 people. As such, I am sensitive to the reality of layoffs. Although I can’t (and won’t) hide my own conservative political leanings, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when a friend sent me the below comment. I don’t know the source and am guessing it’s more of a political commentary. Still, for what it’s worth, I find a ring of truth in its sentiments – particularly on the eve of President Obama’s State of the Union speech.

Dear Employees:

As the CEO of this organization, I have resigned myself to the fact that Barrack Obama is our President and that our taxes and government fees will increase in a BIG way.  To compensate for these increases, our prices would have to increase by about 10%. But, since we cannot increase our prices right now due to the dismal state of the economy, we will have to lay off sixty of our employees instead.  This has really been bothering me since I believe we are family here and I didn’t know how to choose who would have to go.  So, this is what I did. I walked through our parking lots and found sixty ‘Obama’ bumper stickers on our employees’ cars and have decided these folks will be the ones to let go.  I can’t think of a more fair way to approach this problem. They voted for change… I gave it to them.  I will see the rest of you at the annual company picnic.


Author: Bob

I’m an upper Midwestern guy who has recently entered the "Buick stage" of life and decided to migrate to Florida. This blog is an attempt to rectify discordant aspects within my Christian faith ... or what often feels like my lack of Christian faith. Things which make life more enjoyable include strong black coffee, charcoal grilling anytime of the year, putz'ing at a table saw, playing chess, a good orthopedic surgeon and an occasional IPA. Please feel free to poke around and comment as you wish. I welcome discussion and the insights of others.

2 thoughts on “A Novel Way to Layoff Employees?”

  1. The gospel we believe and by which we are saved (1 Cor. 15:3-5) is that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures, he was buried, and rose the third day according to the scriptures. Faith in that person and message is what I’m banking on at the end of the road not these other issues we debate. There is room for a bit of latitude. After all, none of us has a corner on this stuff.

    1. Not sure I’m understanding your comment related to the gospel as it pertains to the political nature of this post.

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