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Seeking God’s Will?

January 21, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

All too often I’ve had discussions with people who are “seeking God’s will” about something.  Trying to think through how we one can ascertain God’s will, the thought of marriage came to mind.  On the one hand, God lays out a principle in 2 Cor 6:14 that we shouldn’t marry a non-Christian.  Within this clearly defined boundary of believers, God allows us to choose the one we like best if for no other reason than God didn’t provide an “instruction manual” as to how individuals should choose a mate.  It seems simple enough; God lays out a framework (his sovereignty) and we live within that framework (our responsibility).

Hasn’t God, through the Bible, given us everything we need to know him and live our lives according to his principles – his revealed will for our lives?  To that end, I can think of no better passage as to how Christians should live their lives than Rom 12.  I can conclusively state that it’s the will of God for me to:

  • Offer my body as a living sacrifice to God, Be transformed by the renewing of my mind, Do not think of myself more highly than I ought, Use my gift(s), Love with sincerity, Hate what is evil, Cling to what is good, Be devoted to one another, Never be lacking in zeal, Keep my spiritual fervor, Be joyful in hope, Be patient in affliction, Be faithful in prayer, Share with God’s people who are in need, Practice hospitality, Bless those who persecute me, Rejoice with those who rejoice, Mourn with those who mourn, Live in harmony with one another, Do not be proud, Be willing to associate with people of low position, Do not be conceited, Do not repay anyone evil for evil, Be careful to do what is right, Live at peace with everyone, Do not take revenge, Do good to your enemies, Overcome evil with good.

My conclusion, then, is that with their different gifts and talents, Christians have a lot of freedom in exercising how they live out “God’s will” in their lives.  So long as believers don’t violate what God has clearly stated as his revealed will, there shouldn’t be any reasons for Christians to worry about “missing God’s will”.

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